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  • Michael P Sannwald

Nissan GT-R | 850 BHP

It's late February, and there's an unexpected heat wave. The skies are clear and it's reaching 20 degrees celcius - what better time to do a car shoot!

We decided to shoot in the New Forest for it's open roads and beautiful landscapes, and it turned out to be a great choice. The good visibility makes it much easier for me as an automotive film maker to get the right shot, as I can see exactly when the car is coming into shot. Drone flying is also much easier and safer due to the flat land and lack of obstacles.

A little bit about the car:

Litchfield Imports tuned


650lbft from 3000 rpm to 7400 rpm

EcuTek ECU re-flash with speed density kit (Litchfield mapped)


Litchfield built engine with forged piston and rods

Litchfield LM Manifold & Turbo Kit with external Tial wastgates

BorgWarner EFR 6758 turbos

Litchfield cold air induction kit

1000cc injectors

AMS performance Intercooler


Litchfield / Bilstein upgraded suspension kit

Eibach rear anti roll bar upgrde


Whifbitz 4” Stainless Steel Exhaust


Alcon Superkit

Front: 6-pot monoblock calipers, 400mm discs

Rear: 6-pot billet calipers, 385mm discs

Music: Emiliana Torrini - Gun

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